Why selling online is like fishing

I realized that fishing is very similar with selling stuff online. You present your merchandise to your clients as nice as you can, but they have to swallow it. πŸ™‚ You can throw worms to fishes that are vegetarian, they will disregard you. If they are with belly’s full, again no luck. Or if your […]

59sec – How to make more money in just 5 minutes

Do you have an wordpress site and you are selling something? Than you should really use 59sec service! It will really boost your conversion rates. Test it here if you don’t believe me πŸ™‚ But first, let me share with you one of the best sales information I ever saw (via Forbes): If you answer […]

In love and war everything is permitted, right? Or not?

We live in a very tough world. Competition is everywhere and when it comes to survival or growing, the morality rules seems very flexible. So, except being a high profile multinational with a lot to lose if you are doing weird stuff, all the rest are prone to do any sorts of (almost) legal action […]

Intellectually Challenging Skills

Very often I am dazzled and full of respect for hackers, crackers, crooks (online and offline), marketers and all sorts of people that use creativity to obtain results. Yes, I know, saying that I admire some criminals is not very politically correct. πŸ™‚ But I admire their brain results, their intellectually challenging skills and ideas, […]

Mobile Developers Meeting

Yesterday I’ve been invited by Evensys (via Manafu) to participate at the mobile developers meeting, done in a separate room than the main Mobile Marketing Forum. Like usual, it was a pleasure to interact with other developers, to learn from there experience, to share failures and to get new positive energy. It was a nice […]

Why you should be like Scheherazade in your online presence… Or like Pavlov…

Do you know the story? For sure you know. Scheherazade was a smart girl, a sultan’s wife who escaped from beheading by telling story after story during 1001 nights, never finishing a story before the night is over. Smart girl. What is the resemblance between Scheherazade and you, anΒ  online marketer? Very simple. Stop the […]

Do what the priest tells you, not what the priest does. And use common sense!

All sites are improvable. But you’d expect that the biggest sites on the planet would score highest, close to perfection. After all, they are the best practice, right? They have the smartest brains, the most money, the biggest expertise. Dammit, they even created parts of the internet, just as we know it. So, as best […]

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