Nice new portfolio clients

In the past 3-4  weeks we’ve worked for some new clients, that I’m pretty proud of 🙂 – UPC – Sprint Curier – Unilever – BAT – JTI – Arctic (Beko) Way to go.

Why is important to optimise sites for Bing + Yahoo

EVERYBODY in the SEO world tells you to optimize for google. But bing + yahoo now is half of google, according June 2010 Comscore data Google 60%, Bing + yahoo – 30% And since august 2010, yahoo will use the Bing search engine. Conclusion: if you want traffic, you better start optimize for Bing […]

Guaranteed results by Ferseta e-Consulting Cabinet – nice example

I promote myself as e-marketing services provider with guaranteed ROI. Now I am in a middle of a business case very interested: client: Unilever – brand: Algida They have a site, that in after “inghetata” in the first 1000 results did not appeared. And this was not acceptable. That’s why I stept in. […]

Why reinstalling a computer is pain in the a*s

I just calculated that I need a tone of softwares that need to be reinstalled on my computer, that makes it a very time consuming process: Windows Firewall Antivirus Adobe Acrobat Print Firefox Chrome IE 8 IE6 Opera Safari MS Office Nero Macromedia Total Commander Adobe Photoshop codecs pack VLC Canon print IBP YM Skype […]

Summer Work

I saw that everybody is more relaxed during this summer. Really hot temperature, really stupid government decisions, a lot of emigration intentions to New Zealand. New clients comming, (some) old clients dying. Cycle of life. Me personally I’m going each weekend outside Bucharest. Jony is going to seaside also this week. John is building a […]

My take away from 2010 football worldcup

My take away from this football worldcup was the fact that i saw several chinese companies advertising themselves near the field, together with coke, canon, hyunday and other classic big spenders! On my Romanian blog i said at some point that Made in China will be as valuable as Made in Japan

Google is focusing more on localisation

Lates’s change in algorithm is pretty weird. Because it gives a bigger importance for the sites reputation than the exact search term. And the only potential explanation is the increase on importance for localisation. Explanation: You search a string “a b c” where a b c are separate words. Until recently, if you had […]

Career orientation tests from Talentgate

One of my clients, Talentgate, has a very cool mission: help people find their career guidance, based on some career orientation tests they developed. After you create an account, you fill in the cv (to have a minimum 65% completion rate) and after that you are able to make the 3 tests. By the way, […]

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