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Constantin-Ferseta-KuanteroConstantin “Noro” Ferseta

Educational Background: economic + e-Marketing (Master + doctorate)

I work since 8 y.o.. Until 18 y.o. I already had a large experience in constructions, cleaning, selling from door-2-door, logistics and many others…

In e-marketing I am working since 1998, when I was marketing manager to a very small ISP (on the dial-up era:) )

My first company was a flop (but what an experience). We did low costs sites in Flash for Romanian market…

After university graduation, I started from scratch at Coca-Cola Romania, where I did mainly e-marketing and brand management for Adriatic and Balkans Region.

5 years later, I joined Neogen, a strong publisher with presence in Balkan countries…

2 years later I started Kuantero – a full service online agency, that handles programming, e-marketing and strategy projects on 3 continents.

In 2007, in order to help people fight more for their dreams, me, my wife (Alina Ferseta) and Iulian Craciun, we started StartEvo Association. On education, we do a lot of things: filming VIPs, granting scholarships for ambition (since February 2013), doing inspirational events in high schools, orphanages, schools and universities across Romania, National Mentorship Systems, etc…

From time to time we also are doing a lot of small projects/tests/startups… Just like 59sec (A monthly service that helps companies to answer leads under 59 seconds) or WooPay (payment integration between Payu Romania and WooCommerce)


Linkedin: http://ro.linkedin.com/in/constantinnoroferseta

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/constantin.ferseta


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