Kidibot European Wars

Europe is in danger. The nasty aliens called Crocobets are trying to conquer our planet using laziness, stupidity and fake news :). And they realized that we are much easily to be defeated if we are not united. So, they started a full-scale informational attack on our countries, to swing our perception. For some countries, […]

This app, KIDIBOT, helps kids want to read more

KIDIBOT is a educational platform done by us, in order to help kids want to read more. Site: + iOS/Android mobile apps). The CROCOBETS are some nasty-funny aliens that want to conquer Earth through stupidity and laziness. KIDIBOT is a nice little robot created by some good aliens that helps kids fight CROCOBETS. Kids […]

Kuantero at Google Sales Masterclass 2016

Because Kuantero is a Google Partner for quite a while now, we were honored to be invited at a great sales training (Sales Masterclass), hosted by Robert Craven. 2 full days. Great learnings. Great people around. Hopefully a life changer 🙂 Strongly recommended! Thank you Google! 🙂

My simple solution for terrorist attacks: Citizen DNA

24h ago another terrorist attack happen at Nice, France. The 3rd one this year in this western country. The main reaction from public is incredible simplistic: #PrayForNice.  Instead, the focus should be how to avoid such things in the future. Of course, the complex problems require complex solutions. Education, better life conditions, better economics should be a […]

Zombie Alert – Early Warning System for Zombie Attack

We just launch a powerful system designed to SAVE LIVES! Zombie Alert – The Early Warning System (available on AppStore as iOS mobile app) So, if you want to save you and your family, you should install this awesome mobile app. #Why Zombie Alert is vital?# You’ll get an alert when a zombie apocalypse is […]

11 (ideal) requirements for a high conversion online business

We live in a very superficial world. People don’t have time to think. They just buy. 60% of all ebooks are never read. 80% of bought women clothes are not wear. Shopping is the preferred going out activity for USA residents. Impulse buying rulz. Act now, think later. Here are 11 ideal requirements for a […]

PushKick iOS app

We’ve uploaded on AppStore a new app, called PushKick. It’s purpose is to notify you when something new is getting published on a RSS/XML feed. Very useful if you don’t want to miss something 🙂 Me for example, I am using it to get notifications when something is wrong with the various services/sites we have