This app, KIDIBOT, helps kids want to read more 5 (1)

KIDIBOT is a educational platform done by us, in order to help kids want to read more. Site: + iOS/Android mobile apps). The CROCOBETS are some nasty-funny aliens that want to conquer Earth through stupidity and laziness. KIDIBOT is a nice little robot created by some good aliens that helps kids fight CROCOBETS. Kids […]

Kuantero at Google Sales Masterclass 2016

Because Kuantero is a Google Partner for quite a while now, we were honored to be invited at a great sales training (Sales Masterclass), hosted by Robert Craven. 2 full days. Great learnings. Great people around. Hopefully a life changer 🙂 Strongly recommended! Thank you Google! 🙂

My simple solution for terrorist attacks: Citizen DNA 1 (1)

24h ago another terrorist attack happen at Nice, France. The 3rd one this year in this western country. The main reaction from public is incredible simplistic: #PrayForNice.  Instead, the focus should be how to avoid such things in the future. Of course, the complex problems require complex solutions. Education, better life conditions, better economics should be a […]

Zombie Alert – Early Warning System for Zombie Attack

We just launch a powerful system designed to SAVE LIVES! Zombie Alert – The Early Warning System (available on AppStore as iOS mobile app) So, if you want to save you and your family, you should install this awesome mobile app. #Why Zombie Alert is vital?# You’ll get an alert when a zombie apocalypse is […]

11 (ideal) requirements for a high conversion online business

We live in a very superficial world. People don’t have time to think. They just buy. 60% of all ebooks are never read. 80% of bought women clothes are not wear. Shopping is the preferred going out activity for USA residents. Impulse buying rulz. Act now, think later. Here are 11 ideal requirements for a […]

PushKick iOS app

We’ve uploaded on AppStore a new app, called PushKick. It’s purpose is to notify you when something new is getting published on a RSS/XML feed. Very useful if you don’t want to miss something 🙂 Me for example, I am using it to get notifications when something is wrong with the various services/sites we have

Kuantero is on the 3rd place on Romania Google Adwords Q3 Top Partners

For the Q3 2015, Kuantero was on the 3rd place in the Google Partners Romanian Top. And we won a Google Chromecast that Bogdan is using it now 🙂 This is very interesting, considering that SEM is not at all Kuantero’s main focus (which is programming). Thanks to all team members:)