Zombie Alert – Early Warning System for Zombie Attack

We just launch a powerful system designed to SAVE LIVES!

Zombie Alert – The Early Warning System (available on AppStore as iOS mobile app)

So, if you want to save you and your family, you should install this awesome mobile app.

#Why Zombie Alert is vital?#

You’ll get an alert when a zombie apocalypse is imminent!

This way, you can save yourself and your family, just by getting this incredible precious information really FAST.

Zombie Alert TM – Early Warning System is a well engineered system that will help you survive in the likely case of a Zombie Apocalypse.

#Why a Zombie Apocalypse (or similar type of event) is highly possible during our lifetime?#

We live in a world with increasing chances for something to go wrong:
– medical experiments – gene alteration.
– mutating viruses. Zika, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Ebola, AH1N1 – just to name a few
– terrorist threats and an increasing likelihood of use of biological or chemical weapons
– increasing solar radiations, Fukushima radiations, dumping of nuclear wastes in the oceans, nuclear tests conducted by Russians, North Koreans, Chinese and even US.
– ozone layer continuous destruction
– the continuous deforestation in wild and exotic forests, where wild viruses are hidden by millennia
– others.

#Features of Zombie Alert TM – Early Warning System#:

– Zombie Apocalypse Alert TM (sound + vibration). You will get one when a Zombie Apocalypse (or similar) is inevitable.
– Zombie Status Indicator TM. A very simple to understand color code indicator. Green – low risk, Yellow – medium risk, Red – high risk
– Zombie Global Threat Scanner TM – global monitoring system. Our skilled team keeps a close eye on all major press agencies, blogs, news sites on the planet, to pick up and analyze threats before they become a pandemic. Our advanced algorithms are doing a great job searching tiny scraps of information in zillions of data sources.
– Civic Zombie Reports TM – any citizen can send a Zombie Alert using our application. Just make a picture, select the location of the problem, describe it and specify your contact details. Our Zombie Detection Center will take it into consideration ASAP.
– Super Useful Advice – You’ll get a lot of useful advice what to do and how to prepare in case of a zombie situation. Preparation is the key!

So, stay safe! Install Zombie Alert TM right now!

The website is ZombieAlert.org