11 (ideal) requirements for a high conversion online business

We live in a very superficial world. People don’t have time to think. They just buy.
60% of all ebooks are never read.
80% of bought women clothes are not wear.
Shopping is the preferred going out activity for USA residents.

Impulse buying rulz. Act now, think later.

Here are 11 ideal requirements for a high conversion online business (ideally recurring type).

  1. To take the purchase decision UNDER 15 seconds (the whole AIDA process to be on fast forward)
  2. Perceived value to be at least 3-5 times higher than the price paid by client
  3. Instant gratification after purchase
  4. Low perceived risk (product value under 100$)
  5. Price high enough to support the cost for acquiring a new user and still be profitable. So, for small prices, you need a really low cost.
  6. No need to ask somebody else opinion.
  7. Guarantees that everything will be OK (testimonials, nice figures, As Seen On TV, security, statistics,…)
  8. The need to be long term (for the recurring payment services, in order not to abandon the payment)
  9. To not be able to “jump over” you. Or to be too costly (time, money) to do it
  10. To allow virality (endorsement). You want from your clients not only the $, but their souls also.
  11. To be able to INSTANTLY buy.
  12. To be a clear expressed need (on Google Keyword Planner to be enough searches that can be monetized)
  13. The cost of missing out the opportunity of buying it to be far larger than the price for the product
  14. Perceived limited stock – an extra incentive to ACT NOW.
  15. To see that people actually pay for it (vote with money, not words)!