Kidibot European Wars

Europe is in danger. The nasty aliens called Crocobets are trying to conquer our planet using laziness, stupidity and fake news :). And they realized that we are much easily to be defeated if we are not united. So, they started a full-scale informational attack on our countries, to swing our perception.

For some countries, it seems successful – see Brexit.

For others, the war is in full swing.

Kids on Kidibot are invited to join a knowledge war. To learn through micro-courses + to prove they remember all sorts of information about European Union, from myths to facts, from fake news to true data.

Also, they will receive badges, points and fame if they prove they are doing good deeds. And Local Community Hero Diplomas! 🙂

So, if you know any kids out-there, tell her/him to join Kidibot European Wars, to save the European Union and the planet from the evil Crocobets attack.