Recycle rulz – Colecteaza Selectiv

One of our clients, Eco-Rom Ambalaje (#1 in recycling in Romania), launched this month a campaign, with a strong call2action. Colecteaza Selectiv ( 50 bikes as prizes. 3 bikes for the most influencing bloggers + 30 tshirts made from recycled PET. As the campaign ends on October 3rd, we’ll give more nice results after that. […]

SEM conference at Orange Meetup September 2010

This evening I’ve been to a Orange Meetup, organized by Orange Romania. Excellent ROI for me. The topic was SEM. The guests were 2 ladies (Amelie and Essuhana) from eSearch Vision, a french SEM agency. The moderator was Maria H. – a very human presenter:) Here are some interesting facts: they run 0.5bln eur clicks […]

WordPress bans sites if wrong links appears in blogroll

This week, wordpress banned 2 of my wordpress sites, one with PR 4 and one with PR 3. They banned it automatically after I posted a specific url to a travel dot com site that was ok from reputation point of view (as far as I thought). I just saw a big red thing saying […]

Search terms relevancy in adwords keyword tool

Here is a good learning worth to be shared. For small keywords, like “mp3”, “laptop”, “travel”, and so on, adwords keyword tool shows tons of searches. Well, this is not correct. Here is a test I have done: I found a term that was searched 110k/month according google adwords keyword tool (simple term). I found […]

eCommerce in Romania – GPEC 2010

Some very interesting learnings from Gala Premiilor eCommerce 2010. (live blogging) Bogdan Manole (legal) register at osim the url/brand most of the legal stuff are copy paste find replace better use unique brand names than seo optimised if you are a distributor, you should state your relationship with the rest of the brands if you […]

New client

After a long selection process (of several months), after competing with more than 10 competitors, we finally won a pitch for one of the biggest US museum, for a very nice (and big) project. We are very happy, as between our competitors were huge digital players, with huge PR 10 clients in portfolio. So, we […]