23sec is up and running

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Last night we released our latest beta version of www.23sec.com (our own project).

The idea is simple: you can achieve much more if you set daily objectives. And it takes only 23 seconds to set one.

First you have to have a twitter account.

Step 1. You write a twitter message stating your objective and #23sec :

#23sec today I’ll run 1 km

If you want reminders, you must follow us www.twitter.com/23sec. The reminders will be sent as private direct messages, so … no follow, no reminders :).

The default reminders are after 12h and after 23h. If you want other reminder frequency, just write in the text of the objective *3 (if you want every 3 hours a reminder) or *7… (any number between 1-9 will do)

Step 2. After achieving the objective write another tweet like #23sec running DONE

More achieved objectives, better ranking in the TOP MOST AMBITIOUS PEOPLE ­čÖé

So, what’s your today’s objective?

More info: www.23sec.com

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