Live blogging from NetCamp 2010

Here are some interesting ideas from Netcamp 2010. Nice event, from Manafu and evensys Ian Broom – launch 48 it’s a good way to start a business if an investor keeps bugging u to start a business 800 entrepreneurs, 35 startups sunnytrail – analytics for sales runkeeper – iphone app (geolocation) build an game if […]

NetCamp 2010

On December 8, at Marriot, Evensys is doing another NetCamp event. As usual, I’ll be there. Where I will focus my interest will be Launch 48, where the focus is how to launch a business in 48h 🙂 Thank you Manafu for invitation.

Do you want a 3 digits dot com?

So, do you want a 3 digits dot com domain? Tough luck. There are not any left. 🙂 I found people that were paying 1000 usd just to point them to a free 3 digits dot com available, or willing to sell on a normal price. So i just searched through all the combinations of […]

Hacker versus Admin

3 differences between hackers and admins: 1. An admin must think of ALL security gaps to be succesfull. A hacker must find only one. 2. An admin doing his job is not going to get too much credit. And if something’s wrong, it will be crucified. A hacker will get praised if he get any […]

Smart malware for Yahoo Messenger

I always respected the imagination of the malware creators. Latest case: a small application for Yahoo Messenger, that tries to make you click a link. It innitiate the conversation or it can responde if you started it. The language is very human The application gives replies! Very nice follow-up It acts when the Yahoo messenger […]

How to solve negative/bad reviews online

For the past 6 years, I am keep increasingly receiving requests from various companies/persons to help them out in a very sensitive and important problem: they had negative/bad reviews online. And they need to solve them 🙂 The problem is that this way they waste a LOT of sales. A nielsen study since april 2009 […]

Google Adsense vs Adbrite test results

I’ve made a test, on one of our websites targeted, to US visitors, having before Google adsense and after that adbrite, on the same ad spots. Conclusion: Google Adsense produce an income 78 (seventyeight) times bigger then AdBrite! WOW. the quality of the Adbrite’s ads was very low, the contextual targeting did not function, it […]

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