HP cheap

I am a fan of HP cheap and reliable products, especially printers.  Last year I thought to buy for the business a new printer (not a HP), multi-functional, with top specifications. Unfortunately, I bought it inkjet – big mistake. In the past year, the costs for original ink cartriges soar and I paid several times the original cost of the printer.

It seems that the latest models of printers have a protection against using refills, and it’s really tricky to use it (you have to reset the electronic chip to work.

Anyway, I remembered that several years ago, at Coca-Cola all marketing department used a cheap hp solution, a heavy network printer, very small and reliable: HP Laserjet 4050. After a little documentation I found that indeed it can print 10,000 copies, which is huge for it’s class.

So I bought a second hand one, coming back to my old love. I am so happy about my choice, that I thought it deserves a public acknowledgment. HP cheap and reliable products rulz! Not to mention you are saving the planet recycling old printers 🙂 And we can refill it, when it will finish.