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Today, at Crowne Plaza, I’ll write some interesting facts from what these guys are saying…. URSUS (SAB MILLER) ten learnings: always plan for 12 months ahead don’t start something and leave it suspended. if u don’t put content regularly, don’t start hire people u don’t understand don’t try to be cool, be authentic big brands […]

New project ready to be launched – is a website owned by George Butunoiu, the famous physicist headhunter. Here, him and tons of other VIP from Romania are give grades of the Bucharest restaurants. This is the most relevant source of information from high profile people. Good luck to him 🙂

Google is slipping out

Although Google is still the best in the field, my overall impression is that they are slipping out. Maybe is just a phase. Or maybe is too much bureaucracy. Google adwords approval rate is much slower than before. And it makes no sense, because they are loosing money. Google spam fight seems to be lost […]

Linkedin monetisation is dropping fast (i think)

Linkedin makes money charging the need to contact someone that is not in your network (this is one of their main feature). Until recently there were several options to overcome this: a. to ask that person for a connection b. to request an introduction But nowadays, if you want to find someone that is not […]

New client: Nomasvello Romania

Last week i gained a new client: Nomasvello Romania. Nomasvello is the franchise with the biggest growth in Europe in 2009. It is a franchise for hair removal and skin rejuvenation with light technology. The business is very simple: the business owner pays 30,000 eur franchise tax + 400 eur/month and he/she gets the devices, […]

It’s much more difficult to obtain PR nowadays

Google Page Rank is/was an indicator still much trusted by emarketing persons (me included). I used PR to have an instant impression about a site. How good is it. In the past, things were pretty clear on how to get a PR. It would take like 2 months to get a PR.  Google had a […]

Every facebook user is a blogger

Yes, every facebook user is a blogger. Because even if they don’t blog text, they can blog via pics. Or via videos. Or via various applications results (X is 77% compatible with Y, X just bought a cow, etc) Facebook offers all the bloggers functionality on the spot, and even more. Not to mention that […]

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