Live blogging from Digital Marketing Forum 2012

Today i’ll stay a little bit at Digital Marketing Forum 2012. Here are some of nice stuff: without integration of understanding, intuition, sensibility, a digital social media is in vain they use “Antena” software, to listen the web total media = owned media + earned media + paid media push (persuasion) pull (motivation) be social […]

Twitter traffic is going down

I was never a big fan of Twitter. I consider it a way to waste time, a nice thing to play with is you are an early adopter. An online gadget. Apparently, other people considered it the same. In Romania twitter is 1/1000 of facebook also. In US, the ratio is much better: aprox 1/4. […]

NetCamp 2011 – interesting facts

Today I will be at Netcamp 2011 – (first part of the day) and at the E-commerce Prizes Gala (in the second part of the day). I thank the organizers, for inviting me. Marius Ghenea all actual studies shows that small entrepreneurial companies are generating jobs, not the big ones the progress came from […]

Greatest iPhone App ever: earthquake warnings

We are proud to have been worked on what I consider to be one of the greatest iPhone apps ever. Your phone starts to yell with approx 30 seconds before a destructive earthquake will hit the Bucharest or other cities near epicenter. Here you can buy the app: We are proud that this iPhone […]

We won 2nd place with StartEvo at Webstock 2011

September 23, Friday night, we won 2nd place at Webstock Internet Festival with StartEvo, our soul project. The only project that defeat us was the Robotz, who has like 0.5MM fans on facebook. So, indeed, we achieved a great result, that we are proud of it. We are very, very happy ­čÖé

Multinationalization of the Internet – the future of small online businesses

My bet is that on medium and long term a lot of small sites/online businesses will die, because of the multinationalization of the Internet. Let me explain. In brick and mortar world, mom & pops individual corner shops started to decay for like 40 years now, because the large chain stores kicked in. Both the […]

Latest SEO directives, by Google

Here are some questions that your site must answer if you want to have a well seen website in google ranking Can your web page content be trusted? Would you trust the information presented in your article? Is the article written by an expert or enthusiast who knows the topic well, or is it more […]

Mobile Marketing

Today i am in Mobile Marketing Conference, at Howard Johnson, at the invitation of Cristi Manafu. Here are some interesting facts INNITIATIVE 300mm – smartphones today -> 1.8bln in 2013 if trend continues 2.5mm smartphones in romania now international, data is bigger than voice. in romania voice 43%, data 31%, sms 19% 58% of respondents […]

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