Google is focusing more on localisation

Lates’s change in algorithm is pretty weird. Because it gives a bigger importance for the sites reputation than the exact search term. And the only potential explanation is the increase on importance for localisation.

Explanation: You search a string “a b c” where a b c are separate words. Until recently, if you had a page optimised after abc and the competition was zero for that one, your page would come up. Now, it does not, because google prefers to show in the organic results sites with higher reputation that has only the word a or b or c. And this is not what you need. So much for the long tail.

Example: Trainingul parintilor eficace

If you search on this string, it pops the following results:

trainingul parintilor eficaceOn it shows a normal result, after the same search:

Trainingul parintilor eficaceIs weird why on it prefers other algorithm. Maybe this focus on localisation is becoming more and more important