Summer Work

I saw that everybody is more relaxed during this summer. Really hot temperature, really stupid government decisions, a lot of emigration intentions to New Zealand. New clients comming, (some) old clients dying. Cycle of life.

Me personally I’m going each weekend outside Bucharest. Jony is going to seaside also this week. John is building a house. Iulian is buying a house. Andrei agreed to help me in my Algida blog activity, with inghetata. Stefan is looking to discover new food ideas. Alex is trying to pay his installements. Elena learns Java. Alina started our new fashion business unit on kuantero. James prepares for a 2 weeks vacations. Peter is in Chile. And Jeff, well Jeff is feeding his evergrowing number of house pets: papagal, dog, cat, fishes, etc. But all we feel in the air a sence of vacation. 🙂