Why I love the hackers, the virus creators and the (some) online crooks and spammers

I love them because they most of them they are very creative. Sometimes they demonstrate a huge lateral thinking that makes you say WOW.

The all time favorite: the seller of unbelievable ultra cheap inflatable woman. Do u know the story? ­čÖé A guy sold┬á several inflatable woman at incredible low price. The shocked buyers posted nice reviews that the product is awesome. The rest of buyers started to buy like hell the product. Obvious the guy did not had the products. Then very polite sent an email to all saying that due various problem, the supplier cannot cope with demand so he does not had the products. BUT he will return the money, via check, sent to the local bank. He sent the check where he wrote in clear: “Return for inflatable woman, thick lips, large chicks, kinky, etc – full description”. So very few of the person dared to present themselves at the bank to collect back the money :))

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