Nice learnings from JCI mentor startup meeting

Like I said on twitter earlier, I’m gonna be a mentor again. Mihai Nasaudean invited me and as he promised it will not take so much time from my daily schedule, i said yes. And until know i don’t regret i do ๐Ÿ™‚

Learnings from today:

  1. my next business will be as a garbage man:). Viorel Spinu made an excellent point, that an entrepreneur should not involve himself in the business, as a productive force. So not to be a freelancer with employees ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. most of the business cases are web based. All do respect for those that choose NOT the online.
  3. many dreamers. damn, i am too one of them:)
  4. to have an excellent accountant. (I have the best accountant in the world – I’m gonna do her site for free, just to thank her. Corina Goarna)
  5. I liked a almost 18 y.o. that came with a proposal that was actually making money in a no man’s land zone in romania. We all laugh at him at begining, but we applauded 4 times for his courage of DOING something!
  6. I felt good to see people that want to DO something, not to be slaves for their whole lives.