What do you want? Fame or Fortune?

Last year, I wrote a very interesting article on my Romanian Blog, regarding innovation versus duplication. And the conclusion was that from business model point of view, for small players it makes more sense to copy then to innovate (not a very politically correct opinion, but I don’t care of being cucher). Here is the link.

While looking deeper into the subject for online, I saw that in Romania,  like anywhere in the world, the online is split between some stars, looking for fame, looking to come up with an innovative idea (or to copy it and look innovative) and the workhorses, that wants to sell stuff via net, looking for money. The innovators are looking for fame mainly, or let’s say they want to brag with wow things. While “workers” doing generic stuff, are making the money, with an incomparable higher rate of success than the first category.

At a team building at Coca-Cola, in Serbia, several years ago, when I took a promise that I will be more creative that I use to be, everybody started to laugh. And I was very puzzled. The answer was: “you are too creative already. You need more vertical thinking, not lateral thinking” (see de Bono books).

In my case, I am a fortune guy, but with strong getaways in the innovation area, looking for intellectually challenging stuff, just not to get bored.