Ferseta’s Law on e-Marketing Projects

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After working on tons of e-marketing projects, more simple or more complicated, this morning I generated a theory, a law, very much likes Murphy’s ones ­čÖé

Ferseta’s Law on e-Marketing Projects

For every degree of complexiness for 100% increase, following things usually happens:

– Duration of an e-marketing project is increasing with 200% times (more discussions, more approvals, more people involved from the client side, less efficiency, more bureaucracy, more “ass-covering” activities);

– The client’s cost expectations increases with 90%┬á (more work means you should give a discount, isn’t it right?),

– The development costs increases 150% (especially if things are not very clearly defined at the beginning)

– The developer frustration increase with 400% (especially if the client is not planning perfectly and changes his mind – as George Pogorelschi says: PPPPP. Perfect Planning Prevents Pathetic Performance. More “ping-pong” gets a lot of frustration, even the extra work is paid.

Conclusions for Ferseta Law on e-Marketing Projects: Planning is very good! Standardization is very good!

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