Webstock, mobile section

Yesterday I’ve been at Webstock (one of my favorite events about technology), the mobile section. There were some interesting panelist and I found some interesting figures:) What I think is interesting to share: 102 bln app downloads in 2013 (estimate). 91% of them free. Market value 26 bln usd versus 18 bln in 2012 48% […]


We just launched one of our dearest projects: MOVEorPAY. MOVEorPAY is a motivational facebook app, that uses 2 powerful agents to help people achieve their goals: 1. the social pressure 2. the fear of losing money. How does it work? Step 1: Install the facebook app from here: https://apps.facebook.com/moveorpay Step 2: Write your pledge, like: […]

Why some clients deserve their fate

We were invited to a sales pitch to a huge multinational. The discussion was like this: – What is your programming cost per hour? – Programming, what language? PHP, ASP, Java, C++, …? – It does not matter. Give us a price per hour. And it must be legal binding for the next 3 years! […]

The power of saying “No”

Historically speaking, we started as a CONSULTING company, because our main benefit was the huge and various e-marketing experience. Then, the clients said: “Why didn’t you implement what you just said?“. So, we become a full e-marketing agencies, with focus on web/apps development. An then 2 more things happened: A. all clients came from recommendations.┬á […]

50 more clients

The other days we just realized that our site was not updated for like 2 years. Especially the clients section. So, we started to count and we added 50 of them (a round number) on the clients page. It’s a nice portfolio and we are proud of it. A lot of memories re-appeared. And a […]

Top of the Most Inspiring Romanians

For our soul project, StartEvo.com, we’ve launched the Top of the Most Inspiring Romanians. You can see the top here: http://startevo.com/topul-romanilor-inspirationali-startevo Actually, this is a Facebook Application, available here: http://www.facebook.com/startevo/app_453410094674665. After you install it, you see the list of your facebook friends, you check the names you consider inspirational, and that’s it. ­čÖé Until now, […]

Live blogging from Digital Marketing Forum 2012

Today i’ll stay a little bit at Digital Marketing Forum 2012. Here are some of nice stuff: without integration of understanding, intuition, sensibility, a digital social media is in vain they use “Antena” software, to listen the web total media = owned media + earned media + paid media push (persuasion) pull (motivation) be social […]