Search terms relevancy in adwords keyword tool

Here is a good learning worth to be shared.

For small keywords, like “mp3”, “laptop”, “travel”, and so on, adwords keyword tool shows tons of searches. Well, this is not correct.

Here is a test I have done:

I found a term that was searched 110k/month according google adwords keyword tool (simple term).
I found the dot com free – I bought it instantly.
I made a site and brought it to first position in google, in spite of heavy competition.

Now I have less then 100 visitors on that search term per month! I expected at least 1k/day only from that search term only.

Instead I’m getting a lot of traffic for more complex search terms, that includes that domain term. So overall I don’t regret doing it 🙂

Using this tool should be consider approximate (I had a similar conclusion some 2 years ago, when I noticed that on some key terms I have generate more traffic than google says is the total).