WordPress bans sites if wrong links appears in blogroll

This week, wordpress banned 2 of my wordpress sites, one with PR 4 and one with PR 3. They banned it automatically after I posted a specific url to a travel dot com site that was ok from reputation point of view (as far as I thought).

I just saw a big red thing saying your site is down for breaing TOS.

The shock was pretty big. The loss was also pretty big.
All the content on those two sites was original and it was giving a lot of benefits to visitors. Also, the sites had like several hundreds visits per day. They were alive.

After talking with wordpress guys, they reinstated both of my sites, but with one condition: to take out the last site introduced in blogroll. Which of course i did.

However, i found it interesting that they ban sites for specific links that appears on their platform. Just like google is doing the same thing – bad neighborhood, but not as strict as wordpress. Interesting.