eCommerce in Romania – GPEC 2010

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Some very interesting learnings from Gala Premiilor eCommerce 2010. (live blogging)

  • Bogdan Manole (legal)
    • register at osim the url/brand
    • most of the legal stuff are copy paste find replace
    • better use unique brand names than seo optimised
    • if you are a distributor, you should state your relationship with the rest of the brands
    • if you have a price on a site, that is a ferm selling offer. if we have a client willing to buy, we have a contract
    • for “ramburs” you can select clients via a clause “if you did not paid first time, next time you pay in advance”
    • privacy policy is a public declaration on how personal data are collected and stored (we are bind by law)
    • who r u? what personal data do you collect? why i collect personal data? how do i use them?what other third parties do have access,
    • most operators did not fully comply with the law
    • put an order without making an account (I HATE making accounts)
    • deleting data of old users if not comming back after 1 year (eventually you send en email warning before)
    • – for protecting the brands in EU
    • brand protection begins when the deposit is posted.
    • CNP  – better NOT to collect it (legally is a mess)
  • Iustin Priescu (security)
    • outpost24, sweden
    • perimetral scanning
    • at 22 scanned eshops, 2035 vulnerabilities known found
    • iso 27001 – information security certification
    • 5.6 out of 10
  • irsop
    • PROBLEM1. attention problem – too many “distractors” – things that are not essentials are given too much importance
    • PROBLEM 2. logic of the buyer differs from the seller (this is the most important)
    • PROBLEM 3.  subconscious plays a huge role
    • PROBLEM 4. semantic. clients don’t understand some words from sites. acronyms, neologism, polismenia, scientific terms, used too much
    • PROBLEM 5 – complexity. is a disaster.
    • PROBLEM 6 – cognitive simulation – will it make human tick. banks use toooooo much text on their sites
    • metrics: electronics (time on site, pageviews, bounce rate), subjectives (ask people if they like it, did they found what they wanted, etc), fiziological (eye tracking)
    • eyetracking – where the human looks, how long, where it looks next. several eyetracking => heatmaps
    • reasearch can boost the sales
  • next Brian Einsenberg
    • your website sucks!
    • top conversion rate is 41% schwan, proflower 26,5%, vitacost 24% (never settle with low, settle at least 10%
    • #1 UVP – unique value proposition, UCP unique campaign proposition:
      • “over 10 mm shiped. one time shipping 4,99usd) free 10 usd gift card with purchase of 25$ and more. since 1923, try it free for 30 days
    • #2. make persuasive and relevant offers: free shipping rulz. from page to page people forget what they have seen –
    • #3. reinforce the offer across the site – special late night offer. Use BIG fonts. 20% OFF
    • #4. visitors find a treat and try to find out more – be alligned
    • 4 types of buyers: competitive, methodical, spontaneous, emontional
      • spontaneuos – seek top releases + top sellers,
      • humanistic care about reviews,
      • methodical search by genre,
      • competitive search by actor, titles
    • on amazon there are 150-200 tests running every givin time
    • use voice of the consumer
    • most used application on android and iphone is a barcode scanner. you scan in the store and you get via the application reviews and stuff
    • nice idea: put printed reviews and testimonials from clients
    • use big banners to help clients navigate: top rated fav unde 50 bucks
    • searchers vs browsers
    • user generate content increase email readings
    • they use it for credibility
    • do usability studies (there are softwares for that already)
    • – 100 usd
    • usability – how a night club will be design by an usability expert :))
    • use scarcity 15 products in stock. hurry, there are 632 people shopping now
    • book to read – *the psyhology influence of persuasion”
    • give something for free
    • on thank u page, give a 10 minutes counter to buy something else at a discount rate  – suggestive selling on the spot!
    • use AUTHORITY – good/better/best – and u believe them !
    • the checkout pages should be cool also + reinforcements (satisfaction guarantee)
    • thank u note “thank u for choosing Basecamp”
    • 72% abandonment rate of shopping card in USA!
    • you create the account after the thank you page, not upfront
    • point of action assurances: this connection is secure, guarantees refund, no question asks. We’ll not share your email with anyone (and signed)
    • always have one big button and one secondary one: keep shopping (if you want to shop)
    • full paypament or in installments – let them choose in the card
    • for 5 dollars more you’ll get this tomorrow. for an extra 10 you’ll get it today
    • the champions spend money on testing and usability studies,
    • spend your money on improving conversion not on building more traffic. the word of mouth will do the rest
    • focus on continuous improvement
    • they utilize a system for prioritization – “learn more”-> “help me choose”
    • they know how to implement quicly – in 2h after michael jackson died, amazon had the store redone to sell that.
    • newsletter – ask for review from people that ever bought from u and promise something in return
    • price and convenience – that’s the main reasons why people buy online
    • use call tracking to see roi from site
  • dorin boerescu
    • we should have ALL top 10 results after the brand of my shop (using my blog, tw account, slideshare, youtube, etc)
    • make sem on your name, to block competitors
    • 2parale – 1 an – 67 campaigns, 2500 affiliats, 9mm clicks, 1mm eur generated sales, 19,000 leads.
    • preferential contests for affy, feeds,
  • gecad epayment – daniel nicolescu
    • 2008 – 652k tranzactions, 53mm eur romcard, s1 2010 1195999transactions,  68,5 mm eur
    • 2008 romanian client 36% females, 30-40 yo, 8% 18-25 yo, 1/year card payment 64%, Tu, We 17-18% highest peak, 10-14 highest payments hourly interval, bucuresti, cluj, iasi timis, brasov,
    • 2009 romanian client: 37% females, 30-40 yo 37%, 18-25 raises to 10%, 25-30 26%, (young people don’t have purchasing power). 29% 2-5 transactions per year (increasing). Mon, Tu 18% increasing. 30% of purchases between 10-14
    • 2010 romanian client: females 42%!, 30-40yo 37% of transactions, 12% for 18-25yo (increasing), 30% of buyers 2-5 transactions per year, 6-10 transactions – 6%. Mo 16%, all weekdays are becoming uniform (weekend days on the rise). Sun 11%.Sat 13%, 10-14 15%, increasing up to 18.00h; 22-00 9% .
    • gecad does not have adult shops in portfolio
    • 90% market share for gecad (from 95% 2 years ago)
    • the costs expected to decrease this year
    • highest risk is from prepaid phone cards ~8 eur, the commision is too low.
  • some guy, from IBM (Todd Watson)
    • don’t overplan. make 30-60-90 days plans
    • how easy is to forget your name?
    • ibm gets 40% from organic google search

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