Do what the priest tells you, not what the priest does. And use common sense!

All sites are improvable. But you’d expect that the biggest sites on the planet would score highest, close to perfection. After all, they are the best practice, right? They have the smartest brains, the most money, the biggest expertise. Dammit, they even created parts of the internet, just as we know it. So, as best […]

The weirdest site we ever did!

Reversible Destiny ( This is a weird site done by us for a weird client. We had to do everything reversed as we would normally would. All our experience with usability, functionality, design, user experience – all went to the drain. Because the whole purpose of the client was to make people get out of […]

The “We’ll be in touch” bullshit

Initially, we all got frustrated when we got dumped or rejected. Or when we sent CVs to employers and we did not got answers back. For sure all our mums told us that the proper thing to do is to answer back when you are being spoken, right? So, these entities (employers, suppliers, potential clients, […]

How people can be tracked even without a phone

There is a well known fact that your phone acts as a tracking device (and listening device in some cases). There is also known that if you leave your phone in a Faraday’s Box, plus if you remove it’s battery (unless is an iPhone), you are safe of being tracked. Well, last summer in Tokyo […]

Facebook Reloaded

For a long time now, me (and other people smarter than me) said that Facebook will fade away into history. The main reasons? – history (nothing lasts forever – see MySpace, Hi5, etc, etc…) – teens behavior (teens fleeing out to other social networks) – concerns about privacy What Facebook did to reborn? They bought […]

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