Live blogging Digital Marketing Forum

Today, at Crowne Plaza, I’ll write some interesting facts from what these guys are saying….


  • ten learnings:
    • always plan for 12 months ahead
    • don’t start something and leave it suspended. if u don’t put content regularly, don’t start
    • hire people u don’t understand
    • don’t try to be cool, be authentic
    • big brands can go niche: ursus cluj – local site, geolocation, …
    • crowdsourcing works
    • getting online fans offline is easy. other way around is difficult and NOT cost effective
    • invest in training, learn analytics, monitor and evaluate
    • best results comes from a mix of online and offline channels
    • put your money where your mouth is – digital 4.5%,ย  in mk mix
    • ursus spends 12% of their budget in digital
  • some people prefer not to have sex than not to have a phone
  • we seek collaboration
  • we seek experience as status
  • we seek convenient altruism
  • we seek value – we need something relevant. if you don’t give added value, you’re out. Happiness index
  • COOL IDEA: twitts to the painting car, that paints on the road, in real time, in front of the cyclists, on the Tour de France, the messages of twitters. How cool is that ๐Ÿ™‚
  • IMMEDIACY – we can act immediately. dell has a twitter support. (same as godaddy)
  • luis vuiton – download the 3d pics of the bag, and u can show with the mobile phone to the seller: “I want this one”
  • full stream mk search, via twitter.
  • it’s not about channels, it’s about IDEAS. understanding the new behaviors
  • is not about push. is about entertainment and useful brand experience
  • the social customer manifesto: i don’t want to do business with idiots
  • awareness, considerations, purchase, loyalty – this chain is not liniar anymore
  • OWNED> PAID>EARNED: the exposure u get is categorize into these 3 categories
  • we give them entertain, help, connect. we need from users time, participation, information, action, advocacy
  • social media relationship is just like a dating relationship. if you don’t call for 3 weeks, do u expect to be heard again? ๐Ÿ™‚
  • some baby food manufacturer made a mobile app with the development stages of the baby – to increase relationship BEFORE being interested in baby food
  • gatorade mission control – great stuff (monitor online discussions, proactive social media reach, track brand attribute, monitor sport landscape, track media performance, track sports trends and buzz
  • say yourself “I WANT TO BE USEFUL” – to be able to have a chance


  • encourage advocacy
  • why users will engage with u: for fun, for expertise, support, advice, to get latest product information and offers, to be involved in a community, just because
  • use vouchers to measure effectiveness

GEMIUS – leading brands by romanian internet users

  • successful brand -> if has a lot of fans only 5%, decreasing from 8% last year!!!!. innovation 20% on the rise. Quality is the most important 60%
  • online image increases: 41% v 38. U need to have a great image online
  • romanian brands: dacia33%, bcr 10%, emag6%, ursus 6$, borsec, petrom, protv
  • romanian popular brands: dacia, ciocolata cu rom, ursus, borsec, bcr, dorna, cotnari, napolact
  • romanian trustworthy brands: dacia, borsec, bcr (decreasing),
  • personal care: avon rulz, loreal, oriflame,
  • cosmetitcs online presence: gillete, niveal colgate,dove, cichy, yves rocher, garnier, blendamed, gerovital, maxfactor,
  • brans and isurance
  • ing, bcr, brd, raiffeisen, alianz, transilvania…
  • orange, vodafone, cosmote, romtelecom, rds, upc
  • bmw, mercendes, audi, volkswagen


  • so much to do, so little time
  • any company now is a media company, that need to create content. so all companies must reorganize themselves as media companies.
  • bloggers put old pr business to its knees because they where telling a story ๐Ÿ™‚
  • show emotions.
  • u need to tell ALWAYS a compelling story


  • in 2009, americans saw 1800 ads/day
  • 50% of clicks are generated by 6% of internauts
  • worldwide ctr are decreasing. 0.15% ro (average), 0.29% malayesia
  • if it clicks, does not mean it sticks
  • 2 wrong audience, 1 wrong audience, 1 accidental click
  • cpm=cpc (no kiddin…)
  • 995 people interact 40x more than those that actually clicks (what about the clicking pay)
  • display helps awarness and favor-ability. search helps considerations and intent to purchase
  • tell me and i’ll forget, show me and i might remember, involve me and I’ll be there
  • all ads SHOULD involve users (mouseover, play, …)
  • rich media and video works 25x times better impact more interaction
  • dwell rate – how many seconds a person interacted with your ad online
  • think digital thinks the cpc is obsolete :))
  • you can buy a product directly from banner! u don’t need a site anymore. 40x better results than those that need to click. conversion rate is 8x higher than click rate
  • display helps increase ctr for cpc. obviosly ๐Ÿ™‚ also writting on the sky will help
  • behavior sequencing, retargetting
  • behaviour sequencing: if the visitor did not clicked first time, a new message appear. and so one. and so one (antismoking campaning – smokefree)
  • the w2m is more important based on the messages in online, versus tv
  • socialize your ads
  • 50bn usd the display market in 2015


  • share of time net 64%, spending 6%. TV 35% time, spending 94%. why the discrepancy?
  • 36% internet penetration in romania. 70% internet penetration on urban population
  • several years ago, the internet was a functional space (to get information). nowadays, it’s social
  • 8.5% games of time
  • 55% u spend in online (the time)
  • in weekend, people stay more online
  • low education people stay more online than offline.
  • pornografy and piracy are the main drivers of broadband connections. that’s why ro is one of the highest broadband connectivity in world wide ๐Ÿ™‚
  • 71% of press readers are doing it online!!! tv 94% in offline
  • instant messaging vs audio video is more used by older people!!!
  • women 64% use social network versus 44% males
  • 77% women use IM, 51% males
  • audio video much more used by males ๐Ÿ™‚
  • people are doing at least 4 different activities online. there is no a search user, or a chat user. u do it all
  • internet usage is fragmentet, versus tv usage
  • jocuri online(other than social networks) frequent usage + many minutes
  • the low income visitors are spending more time online. high income visitors much frequent, more pragmatic
  • 25-34 use internet muuuuch more higher then 15-24 yo 2x (personal time)
  • 30% of respondents yesterday did not opened the TV
  • social inspirational is the new trend, vs functional/informational
  • time on internet is not QUALITY time. people are doing several times online and offline in the same time



  • 2 posts/day
  • any question need answer in max 24h
  • they don’t delete any comment, but they have a disclaimer (so they do delete what is racist, …)
  • 4 male typologies:
  • content specially developed for the fb page
  • all discovery heros tweets are displayed on a specific tab
  • contests on facebook does not help on long term + romanians are very suspecious


  • Benefits for users to become fans: discounts, promotions, freebies, brand related data, support,
  • you, as a brand need to get acceptance in consumer social groups
  • unless your campaign does not have a big ideea, flunk
  • consumers will connect with brands that have the same values and ideals


  • there are brands with less fans than employees
  • sites directly on facebook
  • Like, events, comment, polling ads – fb ads + fb sponosred stories
  • special ads: petrom with 6k reached 900k romanians on 24dec


  • personal account has a limitation of 5000 friends – pages don’t have limitations
  • you can appear in communication on other pages/profiles as PAGE, not as the creator
  • 5-10% of fans ever return on the page to re-interact. Most of them react on their own walls – edgerank
  • facebook landing page – call2action is very important: LIKE US. 30-40% conversion rate between visitors and fans (see global post, skittles, coke, redbull, liverpool) – hint hint hint – click like ๐Ÿ™‚
  • u must say WHY they should like – it doubles the conversion
  • vin diesel – 20mm fans
  • 1-2 posts/wall maximum per day. u need a lot of reaction per item
  • at least 1 new picture per day
  • people are stupid: tell them what to do: if u like it, click like. if you like, comment
  • U need to generate reactions! it’s mandatory
  • there are likers community. so u need to block the pages to some countries, if you do contests based on likes
  • oreo – to be seen ๐Ÿ™‚


  • find the differences and target mini communities
  • social media is more likely marketing direct than advertising
  • lazy marketing sucks


  • 45k twitter accounts in ro, only 2-3k actives
  • 66% males
  • 200MM twitter accounts worldwide
  • twitter marketing benefits: 95% to be Tof of mind, 5% to sell
  • Twitter Ladder of Engagement
  • cars fueled by twitts