Live blogging from NetCamp 2010

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Here are some interesting ideas from Netcamp 2010. Nice event, from Manafu and evensys

Ian Broom – launch 48

  • it’s a good way to start a business if an investor keeps bugging u to start a business
  • 800 entrepreneurs, 35 startups
  • sunnytrail – analytics for sales
  • runkeeper – iphone app (geolocation)
  • build an game if u want to buy a mobile app
  • steps to success:
    • define your market
    • do your research (do a demo and ask for credit card details in advance – if they byte, u know if it will be succes)
    • confirm the features *create the short list of features and validate them with the potential clients
    • MVP – MINIMUM VALUE PRODUCT – launch the product┬á with the minimum features that will make it buyable
    • titanium accelerator – for mobile
    • launch with interest – refer your friends and we’ll give u first 3 months free.
    • iterate and expend

Jure Sustersic – Nokia

  • 3.7 bln mobile subscriptions
  • 25,000 aplications downloaded in several minutes
  • “the app economy” – nice term
  • 17.5 billion 2011 app market
  • global mobile advertising – 16bln in 2011
  • 13-25 yo are heavy users of apps
  • in europe 37% have used mobile apps
  • 9,4 apps installes in average per phone
  • 22% of users BOUGHT mobile apps
  • there are inovative web giants (ebay, facebook, etc), the mobile entrepreneurs (joiku, fourssquare) and the traditional giants (coke, bbc)
  • business classification: MOBILE, online+mobile, brick&mortar ­čÖé
  • web or native? – the big question in mobile tech
  • android is on 3rd place. in europe, us, or worldwide?
  • last minute at cinemas ­čÖé interesting concept

Zoli Herczeg – Microsoft – The cloud guy

  • cloud computing works for advertising monetisation
  • cloud works also for subscription based monetisation
  • windows azure – cloud computing platform from microsoft
  • there is no law that will force a site to keep the data in romanian location
  • cloud works for every non-flat usage scenarios
  • – access to windows azure
  • you can have also php on windows cloud computing
  • use ms apps and ms promotes you

Hugo – News Corp

  • go from perfect solution to the marketable solution
  • we need WOW factor. is mandatory to be successful ­čÖé Either is a stupid design, either is a feature, either is a naked hostess
  • mobile app for a cab company – addison lee. specify your home and your actual location and it estimate the cost + u can order the cab ­čÖé – no surprises
  • get emotional – get your clients to become emotional – words (copyrighting, design, delighters – 404 cool page, DONT USE STANDARD STUFF,


  • groupon is treasure hunting
  • today no silent client database is allowed today
  • 15millions groupons sold by today


  • 15% broadband internet subscriptions in ro
  • nothing else


  • 7.7mm internet users
  • 2.1mm users of fb in ro
  • 77% of fb users 18-34yo
  • 20 usd for a facebook account with more than 100 friends – nice incentive to steal the accounts
  • relevant information -> interesting discussions->exploring and adhesive->brand ambassadors – the smartest idea at launch48


  • 2014 smartphones number will triple versus today
  • number of applications: 300k in appstore, 180k Android Market, 25k Ovi, 15k Blackberry, 3k windows
  • iphone apps only on appstore
  • tips and tricks appstore
    • lanch MVP
    • lanch new versions every 30-45 days, in order to be in front of the rest more often
    • you need to have sales/technic/support/development teams
    • the design should be wow, same as user experience
    • 4-5 different resolutions
    • test crash platforms
  • freemium – the best way to sell something for android
  • it’s difficult to sell something in android market – 60-80% of apps are free ­čÖé
  • you need specialized people for every platform
  • price difference +10% at iphone
  • mobile means: JAVA, web sites mobile optimised, native apps
  • Nokia QT SDK – nice editor for native developers for Ovi store
  • 3 millions downloads from ovi store per day
  • uk, germany – rulz as ovi
  • revenue sharing 30% nokia, 70% u
  • operator revenue share (extra costs – 60-40)
  • Silverlight – native language for windows mobile
  • XNA – games windows mobile
  • 80% of iphone users are browsing internet
  • 16% of phone users (iphone) are making 55% of mobile traffic
  • in 2007 – most of mobile traffic went to portal carierrs
  • in 2008, portal carriers were positioned last
  • in Ro, 7% of big news sites traffic is coming from mobile
  • 5 years from now, internet mobile usage will be bigger than desktop mobile usage
  • 2bln mobile users in 2013
  • no javascripts on mobile versions, no tables.
  • app market was 5bln usd in 2009 – 99.5% was apple !
  • 29 bln in 2013!!! app market estimate
  • Phone Gap – utilitar to create apps for all platforms
  • Opera browser has bigger traffic from mobile versus desktop
  • html5 rulz for future mobile apps
  • on smartphones people consume breaking news
  • on apple store, for developers there is a 99$ annual fee
  • for every uploaded/and approved apps, appstore gives u 50 codes to give to other people to test the app
  • to be successful u need to have CONSTANT reviews -> u can force it via marketing
  • prepare to face rejection from app store
  • as bigger the version is v5.4, the faster the review comes
  • iadd – productivity app from dragos roua – makes several hundreds of usd per month
  • iphone owners are good payers
  • for iphone apps is better to sell more expensive. it generates higher number of transactions
  • forex convertor app – 500 usd/month
  • ipad users pays more than iphone users
  • there is a portability effort from iphone to ipad
  • you have to support all older iphone os versions app!
  • hardware costs are large, especially for testing (4 iphones versions, 2 ipads, etc)
  • for the moment, app versus web is not clear who is a winner. See google and yahoo. both have app and web
  • show people the last visited pages/products
  • u can triangulate on gsm cells – android has this opportunity
  • NFC – near field communication
  • mobile version – 3k visitors/day

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