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  • Google is slipping out

    Although Google is still the best in the field, my overall impression is that they are slipping out. Maybe is just a phase. Or maybe is too much bureaucracy. Google adwords approval rate is much slower than before. And it makes no sense, because they are loosing money. Google spam fight seems to be lost […]

  • Why is important to optimise sites for Bing + Yahoo

    EVERYBODY in the SEO world tells you to optimize for google. But bing + yahoo now is half of google, according June 2010 Comscore data http://www.comscore.com/Press_Events/Press_Releases/2008/07/Top_US_Search_Engines Google 60%, Bing + yahoo – 30% And since august 2010, yahoo will use the Bing search engine. Conclusion: if you want traffic, you better start optimize for Bing […]