Guaranteed results by Ferseta e-Consulting Cabinet – nice example

I promote myself as e-marketing services provider with guaranteed ROI. Now I am in a middle of a business case very interested: client: Unilever – brand: Algida

They have a site, that in after “inghetata” in the first 1000 results did not appeared. And this was not acceptable. That’s why I stept in.

So I made with them a bet: that I’ll bring this site on first page in google results, or I will not get paid 🙂 Simple.

More details:

– the site is flash, SEO is almost null  and they cannot add new content (redesigning is out of the question)
– the site does not exists 🙂 Actually is an alias to a international site, with content duplicated in over 10 languages, each for a local market (poland, romania, holland, etc)

We started from scratch. Now the site is on 8th place 19th place in and on ascending trend.  So, we achieved the objective.:)

Many thanks to my colleague Blogatu for mobilisation of the bloggers 🙂