10 reasons why NOT to choose Godaddy as hosting provider

Looking at godaddy as a hosting provider? Here are 10 reasons why NOT to.

As part of my work I had a lot of experience with tons of hosting providers. From shared hosting to virtual servers and physical hosting. From small sites to huge sites (like Coca-Cola sites, with mobile databases included). From high traffic sites to high process intensive sites.

Reason #1. Your sites will be in a bad neighborhood, especially in shared hosting. After testing with http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/web-sites-on-web-server/ i found on different IP poluttion with explicit content site

Reason #2. Go daddy does not have a live chat support. You can either call them or by email, where the response can be from 30 minutes to 24h. Other competitors they do

Reason #3. Every modification you do: create a DB, creat a subdomain, create a domain, create an email account, whatever is not instant. Godaddy has to approve it, and it takes ages. There is no such thing on the most of other providers

Reason #4. Godaddy has a lot of errors on wordpress sites. Search on google error 500 godaddy to see what people are saying about that

Reason #5. Godaddy abusevly closed a full account with dozens of sites (!) because it received a complain that a picture could infrindge the trademark of a third party. Also, it took a lot of time to reinstate the full account.

Reason #6. On shared hosting, we bought for some of our sites the ultimate hosting plan, the unlimited one. Because the traffic on one of the sites spiked to 500 visits per day (!) they saw a lot of requests to the pictures from the page and they decided unilateral to move the full account (with more then 40 domains) to a new server. That means a down period to all sites up to 72h!!!! After desperate discutions with their infoline lady, they said that procedure has been started and they cannot do anything. And they said that are sorry for inconvenience!!! This is an abuse. Also, they sent me an email saying that if we don’t decrease the load on their server, they will terminate the contract. And, to be supportive, godaddy suggested to move to a physical dedicated server 🙂

Reason #7. The Godaddy hosting platform it’s incredible complicated.

Reason #8. Godaddy hosting is very slow. Both for us customers but even more for the rest of the world.

Reason #9. The email system is very slow and inefficient. Very difficult to set up or to run. They have weird limtiations: 1000 emails sent by day from a dedicated server!?!

Reason #10. Poorly trained support staff, unfortuntelly.

Also, others are saying negative things about Godaddy hosting service. In a top of the hosting services, Godaddy is ranked #63! http://www.myhostingpicks.com/


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