How to solve negative/bad reviews online

For the past 6 years, I am keep increasingly receiving requests from various companies/persons to help them out in a very sensitive and important problem: they had negative/bad reviews online. And they need to solve them ๐Ÿ™‚

The problem is that this way they waste a LOT of sales. A nielsen study since april 2009 shows that 70% pf buyers search on the internet for the name of the company. And if they see negative reviews online, in the first results, they are a big chance to let go the purchase.

So, the problems usually are like this. “If you search <my name/my brand name> online, you will see that in the first 10 google organic results they are at least 1 negative review. Can u help?”

The answer is YES, we can help.

There are several ways of doing that:

1. pro-active approach
2. reactive approach

1. influence the site owner to take the bad review out (or to modify it, so a negative review will become a neutral review)
2. fight back, and explain why the negative review is not accurate
3. assure that we have tons of other positive reviews online, that makes the negative reviews some exceptions. And the positive reviews will be brought higher in google, so the negative review will fell on the second-third page, becoming invisible for most of the potential clients.

The trick is that usually people are writting something on internet when they have a negative experience, not on positive. So, even the experience that lead to the negative review was singular in a zillions of positive experience, only the negative ones are getting exposure.

Our job in this case consist in setting the correct percentage between positive reviews and the negative ones, to corespond with the actual situation. This increase in positive reviews can be done in two ways:

– artificial (write positive reviews on command, via specialised team, like, with extreme discretion.)
– organic (incentives people to write down the positive experience) – there are a lot of marketing tricks to make people do that. Of course, the organic way is the preffered way, even if it cost more ๐Ÿ™‚

The discuttion is much bigger and it has a lot of complexity, however, in most of the cases we can succed in achieving what the client wants.

If you too have this problem with negative reviews online, give us a call. We can help.