Excellent business growth idea. Anyone interested?

In the past months, I received some very interesting cooperation proposals, from Romania and USA, that I must say they really works.

Join some “360 degrees offering groups”.

What are those? An association between complementary businesses that goes to a client with a complete offer. So, Ferseta e-Consulting Cabinet (offering e-marketing services) + a PR company + a print company + a BTL company +… = LOVE.

0. Not loose potential business

Usually clients asks: “Do you know somebody that does X?” If you say NO, and your competitor say YES, it’s a big chance that your client will choose an integrated offer. This is a fact.

1. more clients for everybody

When I go a to client helping him with my e-marketing services, I represent also sales force for the rest of the guys. We know that we work better together, we have synergies, we have a more competitive price package.

2. more exposure

Yes, your brand is on more peoples lips. So, if you are 5 companies in this group, that makes you 400% more efficient and more prone to get businesses.
3. more value transfer between brands

If I recommend something, people knows that is reliable. My brand is too important to mess it up, so my recommendation provides added value to the brands of my partners. Same from their part.

4. better fighting chances with big media groups!

Actually, this is a major trigger for most of print companies. Several years ago they had huge sales. Now, a big client (a multinational, let’s say), when it goes to a client, it goes with full heard. Advertising agency + PR agency + online agency + media agency. So they try to take the full account. Even not all the business units are great and some do a shitty job (there are a tons of examples out here), they manage to convince the client to give them the full budget, not bits and pieces.

So, if anyone is interested in the idea and they fit the profile, use it. I am also interested in expending my global domination. 🙂 Contact me here