Excellent book from Peter Druckner – About decision and effectiveness

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In this weekend I read an excellent book “About decision and effectiveness “, from Peter Drucker.

Here are some nice things to remember:

  • – ask yourself what must be done always when in a new position
  • – define your short, middle and long term objectives. Long term = years long term
  • – focus on opportunities, not on problems. Focus on strong points not on weak points
  • – there is a very weak correlation between how smart, imaginative and knowledge a person is and his effectiveness!
  • – don’t consume yourself working. Is just like I said: “Working too much is bad for your money!”
  • – inside an organization only efforts and costs are produces, not added value.
  • – the bigger the entity, the bigger percentage of the resources are focused towards sustaining itself
  • – be aware on what you are throwing away your time and minimize it
  • – the meetings should be as short and effective as possible. Stop socializing and wasting time.
  • – all managers should focus increasing their contributions to the company by focusing ONLY on their strong points.
  • – kill all unproductive activities
  • – “which activities from my schedule can be better performed and by whom?” – delegate!
  • – valorification of the strong points is the ONLY purpose of the organization
  • – 2 mediocrities at work value less than 1 mediocrity
  • – focus. you need to have self-discipline + the strong will to say NO
  • – those that never realize nothing work more than the those who do ­čÖé
  • – think big, not wave based. the fashion will change in 1 year time
  • – do one thing at the time
  • – look for competent people, not smart ones

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