How much does it worth a website?

Some friends asked me how much their websites would worth, so they know how much money to ask for it on sedo or somewhere else. Other friends asked me if I know sites for sell, because they have budgets to spend. Some people asked me even to sell my neogen stock to them:)

During crisis, the prices are going down. The PER (Price Earning Ratio) drops a lot. If during boom, PER is 5, 10 or more (google’s PER was like 50!!!!), during recession, PER drops to 1, maximum 2.

So, when you get a PER of 3-4 now, should you sell or no? Well, I wouldn’t. Especially as now it’s cold outside, it’s dark, people are still pessimistic about winter.

But in may, june, when it’s sunny, (and US figures will look much better), then the investors optimism will be higher and the price will be accordingly. So, your sites will worth with 50% aprox in 2 months time. I believe is more that you can obtain with the interest rate. Not to mention that in these 2-3 months you still getting some nice earnings from your site…

Good things happen to those who waits… in general 🙂





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  1. Nice article, there is a tool what calculate what you say in your story..