Looking for brazilian bikinis?

I found an interesting site on the Internet. A Brazilian bikini producer http://www.brazilian-bikinis.net/myblog.shtml

What’s so cool about it? Not the bikini, but the tone of voice. And the human face that this guy is showing. Showing that generates more trust. Potential clients are more prone to buy from such a partner, because they feel more comfortable.

And another interesting fact is that he tells several times that he’s more expensive than others. His differentiation point is NOT price, but quality. And it makes perfect sense. Wearing his human face will make potential clients go over much easier that he is expensive.

I am in the same position. I am not cheap. You can find hundreds supplier cheaper than me. But in terms of ROI i believe I am the best. That’s why I have 99% of my clients coming from referrals, not from direct sales. Maybe i can sell also Brazilian bikinis, who knows 🙂