Being the best in the world

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Yesterday I read a nice book, where they were investigating around 15 star companies that succeed to reach excellence during years. Sustainable excellence.

One take-away message was that the difference between a good and excellent company comes from the intersection between 3 circles:

– what you are most passionate about?
– how can you monetize it?
– can you be the number one in the world at that activity?

If only 2 out of 3 are met, than your company will not reach excellency. Being the best in the world in a domain that it’s too narrow, too niche, that has no proper monetisation capabilities  is not good. Also if you are passionate and there are money, but you cannot be the number one still is not ok

Venture investors usually buy number one or number 2 in industry. So, being the best in the world really helps 🙂

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