Prices for web services

These days I had a weird discussion with one of the potential clients.  Based on my offer, they resent me a counter-offer at half of the price. For some of the items I said: “OK, i can lower also the amount of work, in order to meet the budget constrains”. For some i said that is impossible to achieve what they want with half money.

They were very frustrated, because they consider my position was wrong (!?). In their opinion, I should accepted what they would be willing to offer.

I’ve told them: “Guys, you want to buy a Mercedes with money for a Dacia (cheapest car around). It’s not possible”.

Unfortunately, many clients that has nothing in common with Internet keep considering a website something easy to do, a nice-to-have. Which is not the case. They will see for themselves 🙂

I remember my early days in web design, 8-9 years ago, when I was doing sites at dumping prices, as a student. Basically, you get what you are paying for. Almost always :). There is no such thing as a free lunch.