Live blogging from Digital Marketing Forum 2012

Today i’ll stay a little bit at Digital Marketing Forum 2012. Here are some of nice stuff:

  • without integration of understanding, intuition, sensibility, a digital social media is in vain
  • they use “Antena” software, to listen the web
  • total media = owned media + earned media + paid media
  • push (persuasion) pull (motivation)
  • be social means Social + local + mobile (SOLOMO)
  • ? what is their average cost per fan attracted?

Hungary guy, carnation group

  • 80% of Italian population spend 4h in average at TV
  • branded gadgets for facebook fans for barrila
  • i need to build DESIRE. it’s the only way to make consumer to purchase
  • lego did a table, where u can take a picture of the think u did.
  • content becomes more important that creativity

Avon lady

  • 1/3 of avon clients are rural