Greatest iPhone App ever: earthquake warnings

We are proud to have been worked on what I consider to be one of the greatest iPhone apps ever.
Your phone starts to yell with approx 30 seconds before a destructive earthquake will hit the Bucharest or other cities near epicenter.

Here you can buy the app:

We are proud that this iPhone application will save lives when the BIG one will hit us.

How does it work? IRSA (Romanian Istitute for Applied Seismology) installed a lot of sensors inside the Vrancea Mountains. These sensors are measuring a lot of parameters, including when the first quake waves hit the earth surface. The wave travels very fast towards Bucharest, and it takes aprox 30 seconds to reach Bucharest. Those 30 seconds are the difference between life and death. You can put the family in a safe place.

Really nice product. We are proud to working with such products and clients!