NetCamp 2011 – interesting facts

Today I will be at Netcamp (first part of the day) and at the E-commerce Prizes Gala (in the second part of the day). I thank the organizers, for inviting me.

Marius Ghenea

  • all actual studies shows that small entrepreneurial companies are generating jobs, not the big ones
  • the progress came from debt, loans in the past years. is not ok. increase productivity should be the motor.
  • celebrate entrepreneur.
  • entrepreneurs are not born, are made
  • theory of 10,000 hours necessary to become an entrepreneur
  • Steve Jobs, Mozart, successful entrepreneurs
  • school for start-ups – Marius Ghenea tries to promote it in whole region
  • NGOs still entrepreneurs, even if they are non-profit
  • in Romania we don’t have an entrepreneurial education
  • we need models, because the models generates new entrepreneurs
  • in top 100 entrepreneurs in Europe, Romanians have 3 positions: ubervu, brainient, erepublik
  • – supporter for projects

Dragos Manac

  • 4 years ago, at NETCAMP, erepublik was the most lame presentation. Now, they are the best in the domain
  • from services, we moved to products
  • personal accomplishment is better than money
  • everybody has a business idea (at least)
  • ideas are like mental spermatozoids. there are zillions, one is a winner 🙂
  • entrepreneurship is not the same with money 🙂
  • purpose, work, determination
  • i will change the world=> i will change MY world
  • Art of money making (PT Barnum); Economics in one lessons (Henry Hazlitt), Flow: The Psychology of optimal Experience (Mihaly Csikszent Mihaly), The essential Drucker (Peter Drucker)
  • I like fucked up entrepreneurs, because i know statistically they will fail. And they will appreciate more what i offer them 🙂
  • What i do must constant improve what i already did!

Calin Fusu

  • best case scenario you will fail. worst case scenario u will struggle for 10 years and after that you will fail.
  • intelligence is not relevant. determination is the most important.
  • not all people can resist from physical point of view.
  • local market is small. international market is very competitive
  • or are you based on content, or on sales force
  • do you have a co-founder – you will fight eachother
  • u must love chaos, otherwise you will crack
  • you need to define your formula (business formula)


  • 20k views of HD streaming, 4h event = 100 usd with windows azure
  • 14 july, 1 million unique visitors on several hundreds processors, Ministry of Education

Antonio Eram

  • explain how your idea solves a problem, not how it works.
  • explain why should by from u
  • don’t put numbers. If idea is good, nobody looks at figures. They will follow later.
  • focus. business and benefits. the rest will come. focus on the big picture.
  • have a very simple business plan
  • be open for alternative methods for produce money
  • think global. be open minded. embrace global conference
  • know as much as possible many people from various corners of the world
  • don’t be desperate
  • passionate: 150% of your time.
  • Romania = vampire, hackers and good programmers – we are exotique

Ovidiu Parachivescu

  • they want to be  mediator between clients and programmers