The power of saying “No”

Historically speaking, we started as a CONSULTING company, because our main benefit was the huge and various e-marketing experience.

Then, the clients said: “Why didn’t you implement what you just said?“. So, we become a full e-marketing agencies, with focus on web/apps development.

An then 2 more things happened: A. all clients came from recommendations.  B. Being well behaved, we could not say no to anybody. How can we say “No” to somebody that came via a friend? We could not.


The good thing was we stretched our heads and learned a lot of new things. This made us more valuable as consultants, but less valuable as a scalable business. The fact that the scalability of our business was low was killing us and generated a lot of frustrations. We considered ourselves an intellectually challenging addicted team. We loved that we could not get bored day after day, because each day we faced a new challenge. And we still do. But there is a slight difference.

We started to have the power to say NO to some projects. The selection criteria for the projects we are doing are now much more clear. Is it good for us on middle and long term? We take it. It’s good only on short term? Reject.

It’s difficult. We reject good money. But we know that CARPE DIEM is not a good long term strategy. I  think all the small companies have the same problem. Focus. And more focus.

We are still in the process to have the complete power on the saying NO. But we have come a long way. We do have a clear purpose and we intend to stick to it. Wish us luck!