Why some clients deserve their fate

We were invited to a sales pitch to a huge multinational. The discussion was like this:

– What is your programming cost per hour?
– Programming, what language? PHP, ASP, Java, C++, …?
– It does not matter. Give us a price per hour. And it must be legal binding for the next 3 years!
– I cannot give you such thing. The price differences are very big. Tell me more details.
– We can’t. Give us a price or you will not be included in the pitch!
– Tell me at least the size of the project. If you give us a lot of work is one price, if you bother us with shitty projects, another price.
– No, we cannot give you this information
– OK then… xxx eur/hour for PHP for big projects.
– No, no,  it should be in RON.
– RON? And for 3 years? Legally binding???
– Yes.
– And what if the forex goes wild?
– Your problem.
and so on…

Of course, we lost the pitch. Who won it? Somebody that asked 10 eur + VAT/h and they will inflate the hours X6 to actually be profitable.

Some clients deserves their fate.