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  • Joe Biden and me

    Joe Biden and me

    This summer, the USA vice-president, Mr. Joe Biden pay a visit to Romania for 24h. As a co-founder of StartEvo, I was fortunate to meet him and exchange a few words. We thank for this opportunity to the US Embassy. We tried to film him for StartEvo as well, but the protocol did not allow…

  • Webstock 2014

    Webstock 2014

    On September 26 we will be as always at Webstock (powered by Vodafone), this time competing with 59sec. Why we go there? – to learn new stuff (after all, is one of the biggest industry events in this part of the world) – to socialize – to compete, maybe we’ll win something, like we won 2nd…

  • Top of the Most Inspiring Romanians

    Top of the Most Inspiring Romanians

    For our soul project, StartEvo.com, we’ve launched the Top of the Most Inspiring Romanians. You can see the top here: http://startevo.com/topul-romanilor-inspirationali-startevo Actually, this is a Facebook Application, available here: http://www.facebook.com/startevo/app_453410094674665. After you install it, you see the list of your facebook friends, you check the names you consider inspirational, and that’s it. 🙂 Until now,…

  • We won 2nd place with StartEvo at Webstock 2011

    We won 2nd place with StartEvo at Webstock 2011

    September 23, Friday night, we won 2nd place at Webstock Internet Festival with StartEvo, our soul project. The only project that defeat us was the Robotz, who has like 0.5MM fans on facebook. So, indeed, we achieved a great result, that we are proud of it. We are very, very happy 🙂