Chrome extensions are good for business

Which is the biggest browser worldwide? Chrome. Google Chrome. Second is IE and third Firefox. (source)


How to make sure that you can be present EACH day on the screen of your consumer. Email? Facebook? Adwords (+ remarketing)? Think again…

The best answer is a Google Chrome extension. Why? Because the Chrome users ALREADY spent hours per day starring in that browser. There are, however, just two conditions.

  1. To provide a good enough reason to make the user install that extension.
  2. The user to have a good-enough understanding what the hell a Google extension is 🙂 Otherwise, it will be very difficult to convince the user to install the extension willingly 🙂

Fact – Even there are zillions of Chrome users out-there, most of them are not aware of the existence of the extensions. So, creating a Chrome extension will target mainly the Chrome users that already install at least one extension and they know what it is.

Yes, there are options to make the people install whatever piece of software you want, but that’s called badware and it’s not a nice thing to do…

So, what type of extensions gives the biggest added value (and are installed the most)? Mostly functional ones:

  • ad-blockers
  • integration with other services: evernote, gmail, google translate, facebook, …
  • anti-virus (Avast has 10MM + users)
  • commercial ones – amazon or other big players related
  • stupid ones (smileys, dogs, cats, games, etc)

Click here to see the most downloaded ones:

Good. So, here are some questions (and answers):

  1. What can be done?
    – daily interaction with the clients/influentials, even via a simple feed (each day you show a different offer, or a new blog post, or a furry picture to put you in the mood)
    – applications (currency exchange if you are a financial company, dating apps if you have a dating site, )
    – you can make daily alerts (even if Chrome browser is closed!), telling users something (a new offer is ready for you, somebody pinged you, you have to go to check your brain, eat, drink a glass of water at every 1h, )
    – many, many others (sky is the limit)
  2. Once you build the extension, how can you promote it?
    – based on the target audience, you will get traffic and installs just being listed in the Chrome Webstore
    – announce your site visitors what are using Chrome that a Chrome extension is available for them and this is the benefit for them to install: bla bla bla
    – Facebook ads, targeting Chrome users
    – cross-installments,
    – many others
  3. How a business can benefit?
    – make direct sales
    – promote its stuff
    – increase brand loyalty
    – increasing engagement (Share this offer to unlock a surprise gift)
  4. What’s the ROI?
    It depends on the number of installs. But the costs are very low, and the scalability is very high.

Want to see how a Chrome Extension works? Install one for fun:
Cute Funny Dogs – if you want to start your day with the picture of a fluffy and cute dog
Lee Min Ho – if you are a fan of the skinny Korean actor that is making waves in South East Asia

If you are interested in this subject, let us know. 🙂