WooPay - Wordpress Plugin that integrates Payu Romania and WooCommerce

WooPay – WordPress Plugin for payment integration between WooCommerce and Payu Romania

We are proud to create a WordPress plugin for Romanian market that does a very important jog: it allows card payment for WooCommerce with Payu Romania, the biggest local payment processor. It’s called WooPay.

You can test the plugin here: http://woopay.kuantero.com

If you like it, you can also buy it for a small flat fee.

Right now we are already working for v2. We will integrate the WooCommerce with MobilPay, another big payments processor.

Why WooCommerce and Payu Romania?

Because WordPress is the most used CMS platform in the world by far (1 of every 5 sites worldwide is done on WordPress). And because WooCommerce is one of the top 5 most popular plugins (and by far the most downloaded eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It was only natural to create this plugin, that correlates the biggest players in their respective markets (Payu Romania and WooCommerce).