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  • The “We’ll be in touch” bullshit

    The “We’ll be in touch” bullshit

    Initially, we all got frustrated when we got dumped or rejected. Or when we sent CVs to employers and we did not got answers back. For sure all our mums told us that the proper thing to do is to answer back when you are being spoken, right? So, these entities (employers, suppliers, potential clients, […]

  • This is an answer to an old dilemma: who shall be my target audience?

    This is an answer to an old dilemma: who shall be my target audience?

    You can see where the money are 🙂

  • 50 more clients

    50 more clients

    The other days we just realized that our site was not updated for like 2 years. Especially the clients section. So, we started to count and we added 50 of them (a round number) on the clients page. It’s a nice portfolio and we are proud of it. A lot of memories re-appeared. And a […]

  • Live blogging Digital Marketing Forum

    Live blogging Digital Marketing Forum

    Today, at Crowne Plaza, I’ll write some interesting facts from what these guys are saying…. URSUS (SAB MILLER) ten learnings: always plan for 12 months ahead don’t start something and leave it suspended. if u don’t put content regularly, don’t start hire people u don’t understand don’t try to be cool, be authentic big brands […]

  • How important is the health of your brand

    The answer is “very”. The brand is THE most important asset you have. You can change your suppliers, you can change your staff, you can change all the variations of the business itself. The force of the brand helps you to move on 🙂 Here is a nice articole on brand health that i recently […]

  • Live blogging from NetCamp 2010

    Here are some interesting ideas from Netcamp 2010. Nice event, from Manafu and evensys Ian Broom – launch 48 it’s a good way to start a business if an investor keeps bugging u to start a business 800 entrepreneurs, 35 startups sunnytrail – analytics for sales runkeeper – iphone app (geolocation) build an game if […]

  • New client

    After a long selection process (of several months), after competing with more than 10 competitors, we finally won a pitch for one of the biggest US museum, for a very nice (and big) project. We are very happy, as between our competitors were huge digital players, with huge PR 10 clients in portfolio. So, we […]

  • Guaranteed results by Ferseta e-Consulting Cabinet – nice example

    I promote myself as e-marketing services provider with guaranteed ROI. Now I am in a middle of a business case very interested: client: Unilever – brand: Algida They have a site, that in after “inghetata” in the first 1000 results did not appeared. And this was not acceptable. That’s why I stept in. […]

  • Why reinstalling a computer is pain in the a*s

    I just calculated that I need a tone of softwares that need to be reinstalled on my computer, that makes it a very time consuming process: Windows Firewall Antivirus Adobe Acrobat Print Firefox Chrome IE 8 IE6 Opera Safari MS Office Nero Macromedia Total Commander Adobe Photoshop codecs pack VLC Canon print IBP YM Skype […]

  • Summer Work

    I saw that everybody is more relaxed during this summer. Really hot temperature, really stupid government decisions, a lot of emigration intentions to New Zealand. New clients comming, (some) old clients dying. Cycle of life. Me personally I’m going each weekend outside Bucharest. Jony is going to seaside also this week. John is building a […]

  • My take away from 2010 football worldcup

    My take away from this football worldcup was the fact that i saw several chinese companies advertising themselves near the field, together with coke, canon, hyunday and other classic big spenders! On my Romanian blog i said at some point that Made in China will be as valuable as Made in Japan

  • Nice learnings from JCI mentor startup meeting

    Like I said on twitter earlier, I’m gonna be a mentor again. Mihai Nasaudean invited me and as he promised it will not take so much time from my daily schedule, i said yes. And until know i don’t regret i do 🙂 Learnings from today: my next business will be as a garbage man:). […]

  • Career. To be or not to be

    Especially during my BestJobs working period, I encountered the following situation: young people don’t know where to go, what to do, who to speak in order to have a successful professional career. The Romanian school sucks (in order of career counseling). I remember at some point, I made a proposition to Ecaterina Andronescu, the rector […]

  • What do you do on May 1st? Quick poll

    Our friends, the Enescu Family from (“Homes without middle men” in free translation) are running a quick poll of 5 questions, regarding your going out habits this years’ May 1st. It would be nice to find out the results. 🙂 My guess: middle men are going away into history. So, here it is: poll […]

  • Why I like doing business with people that have a lot to loose

    Because they are much more serious. The perspective of loosing stuff, for example image, is an excellent incentive for them to stick to the standards. A company/person from nowhere, if they screw up something, they can disappear in 2 seconds.