Intellectually Challenging Skills

Very often I am dazzled and full of respect for hackers, crackers, crooks (online and offline), marketers and all sorts of people that use creativity to obtain results. Yes, I know, saying that I admire some criminals is not very politically correct. 🙂 But I admire their brain results, their intellectually challenging skills and ideas, not their values system.

Creative_minds_by_Domino333(image source:

To produce an idea that is intellectually challenging for others shows a great deal about the lateral thinking process, about using mathematics and large numbers theory, about using psychology tools.

They all use non-euclidean thinking to generate results. Even if it’s use to generate negative results, the process itself helps humanity to move on.

I believe that wars were always powerful engines of progress and inventions. Ways to destroy the enemy was always a great leap in inventions and intellectually challenging products.

I respect innovation, even I understand its dangers… I am always tempted to start intellectually challenging projects that do not scale in time, just for the sake of it, even my pragmatic brain knows that is not a good idea for the scalability of the business itself. But it’s very difficult to say “no”. 🙂