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Mobile Developers Meeting

Yesterday I’ve been invited by Evensys (via Manafu) to participate at the mobile developers meeting, done in a separate room than the main Mobile Marketing Forum.

Like usual, it was a pleasure to interact with other developers, to learn from there experience, to share failures and to get new positive energy. It was a nice blend of technology, marketing, business and personal experiences.

A couple of shareable takeaways from this mobile developers meeting’s edition:

– “Livelines” term instead of “Deadlines”. More fluidity in deadlines, once the specs are keep changing 🙂 And the difference between the “it’s ready” expression said by a programmer, a project manager and a client.
– What is the difference for a woman between looking at a pair of shoes in a shop’s window versus a salesman that try to call the woman and sell her shows. Very powerful paradigm!
– Nokia seems to come back from the dead, with a new budget line of phones, very colorful and nice. Too bad that I have to modify some Android apps, just because they do not support some Google features, like push notifications and Geo-tagging. This fragmentation of stores is really annoying: Nokia Store, Samsung Store, Apple Store, Amazon Store, Whatever Store…

Always a pleasure!

Mobile Developers Meeting