Google is slipping out

Although Google is still the best in the field, my overall impression is that they are slipping out. Maybe is just a phase. Or maybe is too much bureaucracy. Google adwords approval rate is much slower than before. And it makes no sense, because they are loosing money. Google spam fight seems to be lost so far. Bing filters are much betters. As market share, Bing/Yahoo engine is increasing, while google not. Lately Google did not launched anything successfull. Google Buzz was a disaster. Maybe the latest moves done in management will increase their efficiency and they will continue to surprize us as...

Linkedin monetisation is dropping fast (i think)

Linkedin makes money charging the need to contact someone that is not in your network (this is one of their main feature). Until recently there were several options to overcome this: a. to ask that person for a connection b. to request an introduction But nowadays, if you want to find someone that is not close to u (regarding the six degreee of separation theory), you can in less than 10 seconds. For sure, most of the people has a twitter, a site, a blog, a facebook page, not to mention that even if you google him for sure you’ll find a contact detail, either email either phone. Is so much transparancy...

New client: Nomasvello Romania

Last week i gained a new client: Nomasvello Romania. Nomasvello is the franchise with the biggest growth in Europe in 2009. It is a franchise for hair removal and skin rejuvenation with light technology. The business is very simple: the business owner pays 30,000 eur franchise tax + 400 eur/month and he/she gets the devices, the knowhow, the marketing, etc. Why is so huge in Europe? Because the prices are very good: 30 eur/zone/session, much lower than the competition. And the clients are coming ­čÖé As this business is teritorial, very soon, all the good turfs will be secured by various franchises in Bucharest and the big cities. So, it’s very exiting to help them achieve this aggresive growth...

It’s much more difficult to obtain PR nowadays

Google Page Rank is/was an indicator still much trusted by emarketing persons (me included). I used PR to have an instant impression about a site. How good is it. In the past, things were pretty clear on how to get a PR. It would take like 2 months to get a PR.┬á Google had a monthly recalculation of PR. The first one did not helped the PR of the new launched site, but the second would give it the first PR grade, which would be like the top site that linked to you minus 1 point. My record was to get a PR 4 for a site in 3 weeks since lanching (now that site has more than 2 millions incomming links according webmaster tools) and it is still PR4. This happend in march and the site is still building momentum. Lately i saw that it’s increasingly difficult to obtain PR – any PR. It seems that Google doesn’t want to use this measurement (actually, they even told webmasters several times in the past NOT to focus on this, because they will discontinue it). I rekon this difficulty of getting PR is a part of that discontinuation of Page...
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