Always do business with entities that have something to lose

For me it matters a lot the PREDICTABILITY.

Predictability makes me calm. It helps us, as a business, not to go bankrupt. Predictability helps our clients to trust us when we promise something. It helps our employees to know that they will get the money at the end of the month, no matter what.


Being predictable is good for business, for the stress levels and for the life quality, in general.

Because I love predictability, I hate surprises (except some nice ones:) ).

So, that’s why I love to do businesses with people/companies that have something to lose if something is going wrong. Because this is a positive stress that keeps them focus on the end result.

I prefer to pay a premium, just to know that if something is wrong with the product, the entity that sold it to me will take care of me, that will make me happy.

Big corporations have something to lose. Big brands have something to lose. People that live through recommendations can loose everything if they screw up.

Whenever is risk involved, I prefer to minimize the risk. Too many families to feed 🙂 We have a lot to lose, so do business with us: Kuantero, StartEvo, 59sec.:) We are predictable that we’ll take good care of you!