59sec – How to make more money in just 5 minutes

Do you have an wordpress site and you are selling something? Than you should really use 59sec service! It will really boost your conversion rates. Test it here if you don’t believe me ­čÖé

But first, let me share with you one of the best sales information I ever saw (via Forbes):

If you answer leads in 30 minutes versus 5 minutes, in average your chances to close the sales drops by 21 times! WOW. WOW. WOW.


So, how fast do you respond to your leads? ­čÖé


So, we are presenting:

59sec, THE Lead Management System


59sec helps small/medium companies to make more sales by answering clients under 59 seconds. Not 5 minutes, but less than 1 minute! ­čÖé

For now is launched only in alfa, to gather feedback for the next month public launch.

Technical specs for 59sec:

  • is a wordpress plugin (cross platform development under way)
  • works with Contact Form 7 and emails as entry sources
  • it connects with 59sec mobile app that you can download for free from AppStore or Google Play


  1. When a new lead arrives, a time counter starts running. 1 sec, 2 sec, 3 sec, ÔÇŽ.
  2. Everybody from the sales force is notified ÔÇô via mobile (push notifications), via email, via site alert (sound + popup). Also, there is a ÔÇťBoss NotificationÔÇŁ ÔÇô you receive a warning if a lead is not answered in xxx seconds. This way you know when your sales force is not doing itÔÇÖs job!
  3. Somebody from the sales team grabs the lead. The lead disappeares from the list of the rest of the agents, to avoid duplication. The lead is sent to a simple CRM
  4. The time counter stops (so you can monitor the response time for each agent).
  5. The agent calls the client.
  6. The agent write his observations inside 59sec CRM.
  7. The boss can see the status and take the proper actionsÔÇŽ.

Here is a simple video presentation of 59sec

And here is the video showing how to connect the 59sec mobile app to the test site

Do you want to test it? Drop me a line ­čÖé You’ll love it! And it takes 5 minutes to set it up.

Visit www.59sec.com for more details

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